Wayne, Pa. (September 4, 2018) — The latest in tubing solutions for endovascular catheters will be featured by Dunn Industries, a Tekni-Plex business, at Medtec China, September 26-28, Shanghai, China, Hall 2H A002.

Currently, there is a growing interest in the Chinese marketplace for tubing to develop diagnostic and interventional devices used in endovascular procedures. Commonly used devices include diagnostic, guide and balloon catheters for coronary, peripheral and neurovascular procedures.

Endovascular surgery is performed within the blood vessels and is commonly used to treat blood-filled dilations (aneurysms), narrowing areas (stenosis) and blockages (occlusions). It is also used to deliver replacement heart valves, blood flow diversion stents and more.  Long hollow tubes (catheters) are inserted into femoral or radial arteries and advanced to the desired vascular site using x-ray imaging. Balloons, grafts, stents and other devices are deployed through the catheter for surgical intervention.

Endovascular catheters rely upon unique properties of select thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to produce high strength and flexibility thin-wall catheter tubing.  These include thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs), polyether block amides (PEBA), polyamides, and polyolefins.

“Medical device companies are designing catheters with smaller dimensions and tighter tolerances, and requesting quick turnaround on prototypes to accelerate time-to-market. Fast lead times on precision extrusions and the ability to quickly scale to production quantities are hallmarks of our service offering,” said Dan Lazas, Tekni-Plex senior director of medical components.

About Dunn

Dunn is a leading supplier of thermoplastic tubes and solid cores for medical device applications throughout the world. Its extruded tubes are used to prototype and produce advanced catheter shaft assemblies and minimally invasive device components. Dunn’s Catheter Core technology allows catheter manufacturers to retain exact lumen dimensions throughout production and assembly operations. For more information visit www.dunnindustries.com.


About Tekni-Plex, Inc.

Tekni-Plex is a globally-integrated company focused on developing and manufacturing innovative packaging materials, medical compounds and precision-crafted medical tubing solutions for some of the most well-known names in the medical, pharmaceutical, personal care, household and industrial, and food and beverage industries. Tekni-Plex is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and operates manufacturing sites across eight countries worldwide to meet the needs of its global customers.  For more information visit www.tekni-plex.com.

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